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What We Offer

Earth & Land

We offer Land & Earth services and have performed many public and private contracts for construction site prep, wineries/orchards, rough landscape and for fire break trails.  We provide; clear & grub, grading, excavating, trenching, culverts, ditches, and UG utilities on a small scale project of 150 acres or less.


We have experience providing;  Backflow Preventers, Gate Valves, Valves & Boxes, Hydrants - wet, dry, &  wharf, Water Pipeline - various diameters, Service Boxes, and Drain Lines.  We have met the inspection requirements of the Sacramento Fire Marshall NFPA25 for underground fire connections.  Typically, we work on existing lines that require remove and replace.

Welding & AG Fencing

Murphy's Touch, Inc. holds multiple certifications in the professional welding industry and provides wire & stick welding, specialty  fabrications, rig welding and shop welding as well as, consultations for creative solutions.  We have fabricated OSHA compliant rooftop platforms for public works projects as well as, certified weld on industrial pipeline plus AG Fencing.  Custom entrance gates are on our list too!

Metal Art - Custom

Murphy's Touch, Inc. is busy year-round.  A few times a year, Dan Murphy will accept a custom metal art project.  He has created work for many investors as well as, commercial property owners.  His creative talents manifest his vision using metals, modern and ancient tools. 

Engineered Tree


Top Rated

We perform all projects with the highest of integrity plus we get all the paperwork done on time including certified payroll!

Best Quality

We have an impeccable track record and not one warranty claim!

Low Cost

We are fair when we bid our opportunities and manage jobs cost effectively.  Public jobs bid with prevailing wage - Private jobs bid competitively.


For More Information, Call Us

1 (530) 647-2352

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